Culturally, we are in pursuit of understanding what makes humans unique, what brings us together, and what is the unifying thread that keeps humanity connected. Inspired by the untouched beauty in our natural world and the people who walk among it, we will ask three questions as we journey from north to south, capturing and retelling the truths from people of our earth. What inspires you? What do you fear? If you could share one thing with the world, what would it be? Shared insights between traded wisdom creates change. From a simple, isolated exchange comes new choices previously hidden. As our understanding expands, so does our appreciation for the diversity that exists throughout our world.

Combining social dialogue and photographical observation, we aim to illustrate humans dependency upon nature while highlighting the varying natural habitats that support our changing world. From Greenland to Antarctica, 70 Degrees West intends to explore ways that isolated habitats and cultures pay hidden costs of production demands from other more developed regions of the globe. The visible and lasting effects of human impact upon the natural world is a direct result of the lifestyles and traditions we hold. Nature shapes us, and yet humans are consumed with shaping nature. The closer we examine the relationship between cultural ideology and its interaction with nature, the more we realize the dire importance of the collective, global self, as well as Earth’s elemental soil, ice and water systems.